Resource Guide for Families

One of the biggest issues during the COVID-19 crisis is the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear which can lead to lots of undesirable consequences and upset in families.  People should be calmed and encouraged to remain so.  It will be okay, and many, many in our community, including governments are stepping up to make sure that people are cared for.  Below is a list of information and updates according to topics:





A program developed to assist Santa Fe County and City residents in meeting their basic needs. 
Santa Fe CONNECT navigators can help you find services and resources in the community

State of New Mexico

I Need Assistance

Yes New Mexico

Apply for benefits including Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, LIHEAP

New Mexico Department of Health

Coronavirus Information Page

Communities in Schools

For families with children in Santa Fe Public Schools that have a CIS Site Coordinator

Santa Fe Mutual Aid

A resource-sharing system through which community members can offer resources to and request support from others


New Mexico Kids


The Sky Center – Free Family Counseling


Food Distribution Information

Empty Pantry Fund


Food Stamps


Santa Fe Dreamers Project


Information from Homewise


New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions


Electric – PNM Bill Help

Gas – NM Gas Company Payment Information

Water – City of Santa Fe Low Income Credit

  • “United Way of Santa Fe County’s early childhood programs put all of our children on the path to success. We are fifth generation New Mexicans who have lived in Agua Fria Village all of our lives. We are excited about  United Way at Agua Fria and the opportunities it provides our family, neighbors and community. We’ve experienced firsthand the impact of these life-changing programs.”

    - Dennis & Anita Hernandez
  • "My husband and I both feel that the Triple P® parenting class has helped us feel more confident as parents. My husband valued learning about how to have a positive learning environment in our home, specifically by using descriptive praise toward our daughter. I most valued learning about how to manage and accept feelings, share emotions, encourage curiosity in my daughter, and help her to be emotionally resilient. We have all benefitted from the learning we gained at Triple P® and the support we receive from the kind and helpful home visitors from the First Born® Program. These are valuable experiences to us as parents, and the things we learn will bless our family and future children greatly."

    - Adrianna, Tod and Miranda, 
First Born® family
  • “My experience with the Santa Fe Children’s Project of United Way of Santa Fe County has been a wonderful one. My son and I have received the best support and guidance from both the administrative and educational staff, and as a mom I have greatly benefited from attending the Triple P® seminar offered to parents and caregivers. I gained useful and relevant insight about the power of positive parenting and the opportunity to share with other parents as well. Thank you, United Way!”

    - Valentina and Ethan, PreK family
  • “Mi experiencia con el Proyecto de Niños de Santa Fe administrado por United Way del Condado de Santa Fe ha sido maravillosa.  Mi hijo y yo hemos recibido la mejor guía y apoyo desde la asistencia administrativa hasta las educadoras de mi hijo, y como madre me he beneficiado mucho al atender el programa de Triple P® que ofreció United Way a los padres y representantes. Aprendí información útil y relevante acerca de la maternidad/paternidad positiva y tuve la oportunidad de compartir con otros padres. Muchas gracias United Way!”

    - Valentina y Ethan, familia de PreKinder
  • “We had such a positive experience with our older son attending PreK at The Early Learning Center that we have recently enrolled our younger son. The teachers contribute to all children feeling eager and confident to begin their learning experience. Both of our boys have gained a real love for school while attending Pre-K, and are active and engaged learners. We cannot say enough about the wonderful staff and teachers. We have gained friends and truly feel a part of the school community. We will always be grateful for the wonderful experience our family has had with The Early Learning Center.”

    - Venessa, Manuel, Manuel and Marcos, 
PreK family
  • "Batallamos mucho para encontrar un lugar de educacion para nuestro hijo porque varios lugares piden muchos requisitos. Cuando fui al Centro de Aprendizaje de United Way, nunca me dijeron que no...desde un principio me dijeron que si iban a aceptar a mi hijo. Todas del Centro de Aprendizaje han sido muy amable y las maestras nos invitan y nos involucran a participar en la educacion de nuestros hijos. La escuela consiste del alumno, las maestras y los padres de familia."

    - Ramona, Librado y Angel, PreK family
  • “Our family is so blessed to be part of the Santa Fe Children’s Project of United Way of Santa Fe County.  As a first time mom, I was worried I would not know how best to care for my baby. Our First Born® home visitors were there every step of the way. My mind was at ease knowing that I had someone to help with the things I was unsure of. Our son is now in PreK at The Early Learning Center and we feel the same way. The kindness, patience, and love that the staff show all of the children is more than we could ask for. Our son wakes up every day excited to go to The Early Learning Center, and comes home every…

    - Marcie, Stephen, Morgan and Abel, First Born® and PreK family
  • "Having a First Born® home visitor available to me and my husband throughout my pregnancy and now into the early stages of parenthood has been amazing. Jessica is a gentle but dependable presence in our lives, available to do research and give us developmental checklists, but also just to listen when we're having a tough week and need someone to talk to. We did the birth preparation and even parenting preparation classes, but now that we're in the thick of it, we feel very grateful to have someone who checks in and brings back our big picture perspective."

    - Lucy, Okwen and Elise, First Born® family
  • “I just gave birth to my second baby. Even though I knew what to expect, it was so good to have my home visitor support us with a great start. She was very knowledgeable and felt like a friend, while providing good suggestions and assistance with breastfeeding. Specifically, she recommended that I pump daily, so that I have sufficient milk supply when I go back to work in a few months.”

    - Desirae and Alex, Great Start Family Support
  • “My home visitor came for three visits after my baby was born. She was friendly, helpful and had really useful information. She also connected us to community resources to help us on our way.”

    - Cynthia, Dominic, Jayden and Kruze, Great Start Family Support