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Sustaining positive parents
For parents and caregivers

UWSFC offers free workshops and classes, including Circle of Security, an accessible step-by-step process driven by decades of attachment research.

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Prenatal classes are offered to discuss labor and delivery, postpartum care, and feeding support after the birth. Not only do the workshops and classes provide valuable information, they provide invaluable opportunities for parents and children to meet and interact with other families.

  • "My husband and I both feel that the Triple P® parenting class has helped us feel more confident as parents. My husband valued learning about how to have a positive learning environment in our home, specifically by using descriptive praise toward our daughter. I most valued learning about how to manage and accept feelings, share emotions, encourage curiosity in my daughter, and help her to be emotionally resilient. We have all benefitted from the learning we gained at Triple P® and the support we receive from the kind and helpful home visitors from the First Born® Program. These are valuable experiences to us as parents, and the things we learn will bless our family and future children greatly."

    - Adrianna, Tod and Miranda, 
First Born® family
  • “My experience with the Santa Fe Children’s Project of United Way of Santa Fe County has been a wonderful one. My son and I have received the best support and guidance from both the administrative and educational staff, and as a mom I have greatly benefited from attending the Triple P® seminar offered to parents and caregivers. I gained useful and relevant insight about the power of positive parenting and the opportunity to share with other parents as well. Thank you, United Way!”

    - Valentina and Ethan, PreK family
  • “Mi experiencia con el Proyecto de Niños de Santa Fe administrado por United Way del Condado de Santa Fe ha sido maravillosa.  Mi hijo y yo hemos recibido la mejor guía y apoyo desde la asistencia administrativa hasta las educadoras de mi hijo, y como madre me he beneficiado mucho al atender el programa de Triple P® que ofreció United Way a los padres y representantes. Aprendí información útil y relevante acerca de la maternidad/paternidad positiva y tuve la oportunidad de compartir con otros padres. Muchas gracias United Way!”

    - Valentina y Ethan, familia de PreKinder