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Every child deserves a strong start
First month of your baby’s life

The arrival of a new baby can be amazing and exhausting all at once. Open to all in Santa Fe County, our Great Start Family Support —in partnership with CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center—provides three visits during the first month of your baby’s life, providing your family with the support you need at a time of momentous transition.

During these free visits, trained professionals make sure that mom and infant are healthy. Mother learns what she needs to know about breastfeeding and lactation; screening for postpartum depression means her mental health gets attention as well. Parents and caregivers learn to establish healthy attachment with baby and gain access to resources within the community.

Mothers who participate in our Great Start Family Support report that they feel well-prepared to feed their babies. An overwhelming majority of participants also say their confidence as parents gets a boost. And that critical first month of life tends to be smoother and healthier for baby, too!

Great Start Family Support Evaluation Data

  • In the first twelve months of the program we served 256 families
  • 82% of our families reported learning about how to feed their babies
  • 90% of our families reported increasing their confidence as parents
  • 0% of our families were readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of the birth





  • “I just gave birth to my second baby. Even though I knew what to expect, it was so good to have my home visitor support us with a great start. She was very knowledgeable and felt like a friend, while providing good suggestions and assistance with breastfeeding. Specifically, she recommended that I pump daily, so that I have sufficient milk supply when I go back to work in a few months.”

    - Desirae and Alex, Great Start Family Support
  • “My home visitor came for three visits after my baby was born. She was friendly, helpful and had really useful information. She also connected us to community resources to help us on our way.”

    - Cynthia, Dominic, Jayden and Kruze, Great Start Family Support