First Born® Home Visiting Program

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Growing Up New Mexico’s First Born® home visiting program currently has openings in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba Counties!

At this time, our home visiting services are being offered online with virtual visits.*

Building supportive families
A child’s first three years of life

The birth of a first child brings unimagined joy. At the same time, the challenges involved can take any adult by surprise. Open to first-time families in Santa Fe County, our First Born® Home Visiting program can begin anytime during pregnancy or within your baby’s first two months of life. Covering the most critical developmental period in your child’s life, First Born® can continue until age three, delivering an integrated curriculum of support and resources that results in confident, healthy and stable family life. At any given time, 100 families in Santa Fe County are taking advantage of our First Born® program! During weekly First Born® visits—coordinated to suit your family’s schedule—trained home visitors help you master the best ways to feed, care for and bond with your new baby. Once healthy growth and development are established, First Born® expands to build a foundation for your child’s early learning. By giving your family the tools you need to thrive, First Born® nurtures more effective parents and healthier, happier kids.

Here are a few of the many benefits of the First Born® experience:

  • 100% of First Born® moms receive prenatal care—the most crucial factor in reducing the risk of low birth weight and infant mortality.
  • 99% of parents and caregivers who complete First Born® develop a lasting, warm bond with their babies, which is good for the whole community. Bonding supports a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development, which is linked with his likelihood to thrive in the long term. He shows resilience and concentration, qualities that support academic and career success.

First Born® Evaluation Data

  • Serves 100 families at any given time
  • Provides 3,500 home visits per year
  • 0% of our families have substantiated reports of abuse or neglect







  • “Our family is so blessed to be part of the Santa Fe Children’s Project.  As a first time mom, I was worried I would not know how best to care for my baby. Our First Born® home visitors were there every step of the way. My mind was at ease knowing that I had someone to help with the things I was unsure of. Our son is now in PreK at The Early Learning Center and we feel the same way. The kindness, patience, and love that the staff show all of the children is more than we could ask for. Our son wakes up every day excited to go to The Early Learning Center, and comes home every day excited about what he has…

    - Marcie, Stephen, Morgan and Abel, First Born® and PreK family
  • "Having a First Born® home visitor available to me and my husband throughout my pregnancy and now into the early stages of parenthood has been amazing. Jessica is a gentle but dependable presence in our lives, available to do research and give us developmental checklists, but also just to listen when we're having a tough week and need someone to talk to. We did the birth preparation and even parenting preparation classes, but now that we're in the thick of it, we feel very grateful to have someone who checks in and brings back our big picture perspective."

    - Lucy, Okwen and Elise, First Born® family
  • “I wish every parent could experience the First Born® program. My husband and I are both children of divorce.  We wanted to break the cycle of destructive behavior that is part of our family history. Our home visitor Chrissy supported our personal relationship and gave us a common language so we could communicate and parent positively, even as sleep-deprived, exhausted first-time parents. During one of our weekly visits, Chrissy noticed that our son Kaius was experiencing a crawling delay.  She referred us to New Vistas. He was evaluated, received treatment, and is now on track developmentally. This early intervention saved money and heartache.”

    - Deidre, Michael and Kaius, First Born® Family