Our Programs

Raising a child is the most important job out there. Not to mention one of the most challenging—especially in a tight economy. At UWSFC, we offer programs that are based upon research and driven by family need.  Our programs are created on the premise that when families with young children find hope, support and opportunities for early learning, the benefits stretch well beyond childhood.

Available to all, UWSFC’s forward-thinking, two-generation programs start before your child is born and continue through age five. With the support of our programs you can realize your potential not only as caregiver, but also as your child’s first and best teacher. Taking on school as a confident kindergartener, your child gains ground to take on life as a motivated learner and dynamic participant. Referral forms for UWSFC’s programs are available in both English and Spanish.

All of our programs are …

  • Offered in English and Spanish
  • Available to all families on a voluntary basis
  • Universal, regardless of income

On the Santa Fe Early Learning Campus:

In partnership with the Santa Fe Public Schools, UWSFC shares a campus in the Agua Fria neighborhood, where the following programs and services are offered to children and families throughout Santa Fe County.

  • United Way Early Learning Center at Agua Fria (UWELC at Agua Fria) – the original WPA-era adobe schoolhouse which houses the following: UWSFC’s First Born® Program; Great Start Family Support; Family, Friends & Neighbors; Parenting Classes & Workshops; and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.
    Status: Opened and Operational