Kaune Kids Campaign House Parties and Tours Group

Thank you for your interest in the House Parties and Tours Group.

House Parties are a great way to get families and friends together and have fun, while learning about the United Way Early Learning Center at Kaune and its impact on Santa Fe’s children and families.

Please contact Abby Bordner at abbyb@uwsfc.org or 505.216.2984.

Your Goal:      

House Party:      minimum of one
Kaune Tours:      minimum of two

House Party Process:

  1. Choose the day, time, and refreshments for your party.
  2. Create your guest list.
  3. Set your goals (attendance, monetary, volunteers sign-up, etc.)
  4. Create and send your invitation.
  5. Schedule time during the party to talk about Kaune Kids. Explain why your guests should support you in this effort.
  6. Send Thank You notes.
  7. Keep it simple and have fun!

Kaune Tour Process:

  1. Kaune will be available for tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  2. Choose a date and time to host your tour.
  3. Send an email to KauneKids@uwsfc.org to schedule your tour.
  4. Create your guest list.
  5. Create and send your invitation.
  6. Instruct your guests to meet at the UWELC at Kaune: 1409 Monterey Ave.
  7. United Way of Santa Fe County staff will perform the tour during your scheduled date and time.
  8. Send Thank You notes.