Kaune Kids Campaign Business and Organization Group

Thank You for being a part of the Business and Organization Group!

The goal of this group is to approach businesses that you believe would be willing to make a gift to the Kaune Kids Campaign, or may be willing to set-up a Cause Marketing Campaign.

Please contact Abby Bordner at abbyb@uwsfc.org or 505.216.2984.

Individual Goal:  1 New Business

Kaune Kids Gift:  No Minimum

 Point-of-Sale Cause Marketing Campaign:  1 Business

Kaune Kids Gift and/or Point-of-Sale Fundraising:

 Identify businesses that you believe will support the Kaune Kids Campaign*.

  1. Send an email with the list of businesses you plan to contact to kaunekids@uwsfc.org, so that your efforts are not duplicated.
  2. Schedule meetings with business owners:
    • Send a brief note to business owners to introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your visit.
    • Call the business owner a few days after the note is sent, to set the meeting date and time.
  3. Bring information about the Kaune Kids Campaign.
  4. Ask for a gift to the Kaune Kids Campaign and/or ask to set-up a Cause Marketing Campaign**.
  5. Send a thank you note for their time and/or gift.
  6. Email kaunekids@uwsfc.org with your feedback.

*Please see “Examples of Businesses that Support PreK” document.

**Please see “Point-of-Sale Fundraising Summary Sheet” and Pinup Examples.