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Your Support System and Diminishing Stress During Pregnancy Read More >>

Your Support System – In pregnancy sometimes we feel alone, as if no one understands what we are going through. Here are some ideas that can help:

  • Ask your partner or family member to come with you to at least on of your doctor visits. 
  • Bring your partner/ family member to ultrasound visits
  •  Let your partner feel the baby move
  • Have your partner/ family member be your coach in labor 
  • Share information and exercises with your partner and family members
  • Exchange back rubs, with attention to your lower back
  • Go for walks with friends, family or your partner 
  • Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings 
  • Choose quiet times to express your feelings 
  • Do things together to nurture your relationship

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Parents Need a Break

Some days you feel so good about being a parent. Then there are those days when you are exhausted, worried, frustrated because everything you’ve tried is just NOT working. Your energy is low, and you wonder how you can take care of your child’s needs. Continue reading

New Brothers and Sisters!

Your household is growing. Another baby has arrived, and everyone is excited and happy… except your toddler. She is acting like she hates her baby brother. You love both your children, and you wonder why your older child is acting this way. Continue reading

Ten Tips on Comfort Measures for Labor and Delivery Read More >>

Your body knows how to grow and nurture a baby, it also knows how to give birth. Comfort measures will allow you to respond to the pain, to feel supported, and allow your body to open and welcome your new baby to the world. Continue reading

Benefits of Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs

Learning and development begin long before a child enters a classroom for the first time. For children to be ready for school, it’s critical that parents have the tools necessary to support their child’s development. For parents that are experiencing poverty, language barriers or geographic isolation, voluntary home visiting can be a valuable resource for supporting parents to be the best advocate for their child’s learning and development in the early years, including serving pregnant mothers. Home visits improve family and child outcomes by tailoring support to the family’s needs. Investing in children from birth through family support programs ultimately saves money for tax payers as a result of the increased family self-sufficiency. Continue reading

Ten Ways to Help Your Baby’s Brain Develop Read More >>

1. Teach your baby to trust you by responding to him when he cries. Crying means he’s trying to tell you something. Never ignore your crying baby. Pick him up and try to figure out what he needs. By trusting you, he learns to trust the world around him. Continue reading

Responding to Tantrums

When adorable infants start walking and having opinions about their environment, parents must develop a new set of skills. It can be exhausting, embarrassing and annoying when toddlers lose their temper over things that don’t seem important. Continue reading