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Thornburg Foundation Gives Capital Grant for PreK Center at Kaune Read More >>

Date: June 19, 2018
Contact: Abby Bordner
Cell: (505) 919-9153

Thornburg Foundation Gives Capital Grant for PreK Center at Kaune

United Way of Santa Fe County’s PreK Center at Kaune receives a $100,000 capital grant from Thornburg Foundation.

Santa Fe, NM – United Way of Santa Fe County (UWSFC) is proud to announce the receipt of a $100,000 grant from Thornburg Foundation to further the Capital Campaign for the United Way Early Learning Center at Kaune.

Opening in August 2018, the PreK Center at Kaune signals a major expansion of UWSFC’s support for children and families in Santa Fe County. The Center will ultimately house 12 classrooms serving 200 children, ages three to five, and their families. The Center will provide year-round access to high-quality PreK and early childhood education ensuring that children start kindergarten ready-to-learn. The Center will focus on early literacy with a dual-language approach. Kaune is also proud to utilize community partnerships to develop a family-focused resource center. The Center will create 40 new jobs and emphasize work-force development.

“Thornburg Foundation’s support is a major milestone as we work to close the gap of our $5 million goal at Kaune,” said Katherine Freeman, President & CEO. “Their support of children and families in the community is significant.”

“We believe this capital investment into the PreK Center at Kaune makes great sense,” said Allan Oliver, Executive Director of the Thornburg Foundation. “The high quality Pre-K program at Kaune with a dual language approach will offer a much-needed service to Santa Fe families and provide an outstanding model for policymakers and providers.”

The Thornburg Foundation Early Childhood Education Initiative works to improve early childhood outcomes in New Mexico by promoting policies that improve the quality of the early childhood system, increase access, and create a sustainably funded system.

Early childhood education and care is the sole mission of United Way of Santa Fe County, with a commitment to ensuring that every child receives an opportunity to succeed in school and in life. UWSFC is committed to engaging the entire community, bringing together people and resources to create opportunities for children and families to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Beginning in 2004, UWSFC has served approximately 6,000 families by using a two-generation approach, supporting both children and their families in a series of high-quality early childhood programs designed to prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

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Diez Maneras de Ayudar en el Desarrollo del Cerebro de su Bebé Read More >>

  1. Enséñale a su bebé a confiar en usted al responder cuando llora. Cuando llora le está diciendo algo. Nunca ignore al llanto de su bebé. Cárguelo y trate de ver que es lo que él necesita. Al confiar en usted, su bebé aprende a confiar en el mundo a su alrededor.
  2. Dele a su bebé cosas de colores brillantes para que los vea. Mueva las cosas en frente de su bebé para que él las siga con los ojos.
  3. A los bebés les gustan las cosas simples con diseños en blanco y negro. Usted puede comprar tarjetas con dibujos para poner en la cuna del bebé. O, usted puede hacer sus propias tarjetas con tarjetas de 3” x 5” y sostenerlas en frente del bebé para que las vea.
  4. Ponga música suave para su bebé. Ponga la radio en la estación clásica o en cualquier otra variedad de música suave. La música debe ser suave y relajante. De hecho, cualquier ruido fuerte puede molestar al bebé.
  5. Cuelgue figuras de formas interesantes en la cuna. Cambie las figuras seguido para que su bebé tenga algo nuevo que mirar. Ponga un espejo que sea seguro para el bebé en la cuna.
  6. Mantenga a su bebé cerca de usted. Los bebés crecen mejor cuando tienen más atención y amor. Anime a otras personas en su hogar a que vayan y hablen con el bebé. Sonríase cada que vez que hable con su bebé.
  7. Hable mucho con su bebé. No se preocupe de si él entiende o no. Dígale lo que está haciendo, lo que usted está pensando, léale libros y cante. Mientras mas palabras oiga el bebé todos los días su inteligencia va a mejorar y le va a ir mejor en la escuela y en su vida social. No substituya la radio o la televisión por sus palabras. El lenguaje, además del contacto de los ojos es lo que hace que el cerebro del bebé se forme.
  8. Estar viendo las caras de la gente es la actividad más interesante para el bebé. Las caras de los padres son sus favoritas. Así es que agáchese y ponga su cara a 12” de la cara de su bebé. Deje que él vea lo que le guste.
  9. Un bebé se aburre estando nada mas acostado. Mueve el moisés de su bebé de cuarto a cuarto, para que el pueda ver las diferentes imágenes de su mundo.
  10. A su bebé le gusta mucho que le carguen. A los bebés les gusta el ritmo de los movimientos que hacen los adultos. El estar cargado lo entretiene perfectamente cuando está despierto. Esto le da a su bebé una manera perfecta de aprender acerca del mundo a su alrededor. Su bebé recién nacido necesita mucho amor y cuidado. No se puede malcriar a un bebé dándole amor.

Ten Ways to Help Your Baby’s Brain Develop Read More >>

  1. Teach your baby to trust you by responding to him when he cries. Crying means he’s trying to tell you something. Never ignore your crying baby. Pick him up and try to figure out what he needs. By trusting you, he learns to trust the world around him.
  2. Give your baby bright colorful objects to look at. Move objects slowly in front of your baby so he can follow with his eyes.
  3. Babies love simple black and white designs. You can buy soft, patterned cards to put in the baby’s crib. Or make your own patterns on 3” x 5” index cards and hold them for your baby to see.
  4. Provide gentle sounds for your baby. Turn on the classical music station or any quiet music. The music should be soft and soothing. In fact, loud noises may upset the baby.
  5. Hang interesting shapes from a play frame or crib gym. Change them often so your baby has something new to look at. Put a baby-safe mirror in the crib.
  6. Keep your baby near you. Babies thrive on loving attention. Encourage others in your household to stop often and talk with the baby. Smile when you talk to him.
  7. Talk to your baby. Don’t worry if he understands or not. Tell him what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, read to him and sing. The more words a baby hears each day will greatly improve his intelligence, school success, and social skills. Don’t substitute the radio or TV for your words. Language, eye contact, and connection is what helps your baby’s brain take shape.
  8. Looking at human faces is the most interesting activity for a newborn. Parents and relatives are his favorite faces. So, bend down to within 12” of your baby’s face. Let him study your face.
  9. A baby can get bored just lying around. Move the baby’s bassinet from room to room so he can have different views.
  10. Your baby loves to be carried. Babies like the rhythm of an adult’s movement. Being carried entertains him when he is awake. It gives your baby a perfect way to learn about the world around him. Your newborn needs lots of love and care. You can’t spoil him with love!