Staff Directory

Executive Staff

440 Cerrillos Road, Suite A, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Katherine Freeman, President & CEO
(505) 216-2976, 

Claire Dudley Chavez, Executive Vice President for Policy & Stakeholder Engagement
(505) 216-2972, 

Brian Dineen, V.P. for Strategy
(505) 216-2973,

Tekla Johnson, LCSW, V.P. of Program Leadership & Innovation
(505) 231-3411,

Mona Kay, V.P. of Finance
(505) 216-2985,

Abby Bordner, V.P. of Donor Relations and Communications
(505) 216-2984,

Danila Crespin Zidovsky, Policy Analyst
(505) 216-2981,

Maia Cortissoz, Development Associate
(505) 216-2982,

Marisol Baird, Executive Assistant
(505) 216-2974,

First Born® Program

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Andrea Slatopolsky, First Born® Program Manager

Annai Burrola, First Born® Home Visitor

Mireya Vazquez, First Born® Home Visitor

Kenia Alvidrez, First Born® Home Visitor

Jessica Apodaca, First Born® Home Visitor

Itzel Gutierrez Recio, First Born® Home Visitor

Lakersha A Montano, First Born® Home Visitor

Rachael Mueller, First Born® Home Visitor

Kate Jacobs, First Born® Home Visitor

Great Start Family Support

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Sarah Mitchell, Licensed Midwife,  Great Start Family Support Home Visitor

Victoria Perez,  Great Start Family Support Home Visitor

Prenatal Outreach & Education

Joanne LewisPrenatal Education & Outreach Specialist
(505) 819-5484,

Early Education & Pre-Kindergarten

United Way of Santa Fe County Early Learning Center at Aspen Community Magnet School
430 La Madera, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Jennifer Salinas, Master Teacher
(505) 467-4550,

Andrenette Boylan, Lead Teacher

Deyanira Contreras, Lead Teacher

Doris Salazar, Lead Teacher

Ian Schiefelbein, Lead Teacher

Yolanda Jasso, Assistant Teacher

Lisa Leyba, Assistant Teacher

Gina Montoya, Assistant Teacher

Sarah Nelson, Assistant Teacher

Ferdaous Dakhli, PreK Teacher’s Aide

Yadira de Leon Sigala, PreK Teacher’s Aide

Ruth Rascon, PreK Teacher’s Aide

Family, Friends & Neighbors

3164 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Alicia Estrada-Flores, Family, Friends & Neighbors Coordinator
(505) 819-5484,

Annia Gonzales, Family, Friends & Neighbors Coordinator
(505) 819-7269,